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Pistachio Pancakes
Braised Lamb Shank

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Saffron Roast Chicken
"Osh" Herb Thick Soup

At Tulip Lolly Catering, we are excited to participate in your next special event.  Whether it’s a glamorous wedding, a birthday party, an anniversary, a company event, or any special event, a celebration is incomplete without a scrumptious feast for your special guests. Your family and friends will enjoy the memorable and customized menu prepared for you.

We specialize in Mediterranean, Persian and Azeri cuisine.  Our diverse and healthy menu is prepared with the freshest and highest quality ingredients to give you the ultimate eating experience.  Our vibrant and colorful cuisine with its distinctive presentation will make your guests’ eyes light up and mouth water.

Our passion for the art of cooking is apparent in every dish that we make.  At Tulip Lolly, we take pride in making each and every event very special with consistent quality and professionalism. 

Chef Laleh

Gourmeh Sabazi